Bed Bugs 

Have you ever been woken up in the middle of the night from something biting you?

There are many biting insects such as, bed bugs, mites [bird, rat, chigger & various stored product mites], biting flies, [midges, mosquitos, stable flies, march flies], lice [head, pubic], fleas, wasps, bees, ants and urticating caterpillars. There could also be other factors that could be causing the itching such as medical conditions and environmental factors. 

Cairns, Port Douglas, and the Atherton Tablelands, being a holiday destination for visitors from all over the world has had an increase of Bed Bug infestations. These infestations are not found only in holiday accommodation but also in residential properties. So with this in mind, if you or a family member have been on holidays. It is important to investigate if you have had a sleepless night caused by something biting you. As Bed Bug infestations can get out of hand very quickly. Therefore, it is important to identify exactly what was biting you and if it is Bed Bugs get a treatment program started quickly.    

What are the indicators of a Bed bug infestation?

  • Live or dead bed bugs, and cast skins. Live bed bugs confirm an active infestation.
  • Faecal spotting. This is digested blood defecated by the bed bugs, it is found on sheets, mattress seams, and beading.
  • Red blood coloured spots or smears on the sheets may occur. 
  • Eggs cream in colour with a slight bend, approximately 1mm.
  • A bed bug smell sometimes described as sickly sweet but is similar to that of stink bugs. This is usually only noticed in heavy infestations, if close to bugs or during the treatment process.  

How did I get a Bed Bug infestation? 

  • Bed bugs have been found in second-hand furniture and mattresses.
  • Have you been on holiday lately? Many infestations are picked up from holiday accommodation. Bed bugs are transferred from one location to another mainly via luggage. There is also the risk that bed bugs can be passed from luggage to luggage via cargo holds, luggage trailers, car boots or other areas where luggage is transported or stored.
  • You could easily bring bed bugs home if you stay in holiday accommodation and use your own linen. 

Cairns, Port Douglas, and the Atherton Tablelands are high-risk areas, due to being major holiday destinations for local and oversea's visitors who have transported luggage through many airports etc.    

Do Bed Bugs transmit disease?

  • It has never been proven experimentally or in clinical practice that any organism can be transmitted by bed bugs.
  • Skin reactions constitute the main impact from bed bugs. Bites usually follow a linear pattern if numerous bed bugs are present, and they are more frequent on the extremities but can occur anywhere on the body. Pruriginous macules or papules follow the bites, usually within 48 hours, although the timing and degree of reaction is dependent on prior exposure. In some instances, a second round of bites is required before a skin reaction occurs. Systemic symptoms (eg, fever and anaemia) associated with bed bug bites are unusual.

How many treatments will I need to eliminate bed bugs?

It is unlikely that a bed bug infestation will be eliminated after one treatment. Peter & Paul's Pest Control Technicians will perform a thorough site inspection prior to any treatment being performed. For a treatment to be effective it is important that the client works with our pest technician to manage the situation.  

Treatment Preparation Client responsibility:

Do not remove anything from the room until your Peter & Paul's Service Technician instructs you that it is OK to do so. Rooms that are to be treated should not be slept in until the infestation is eliminated. 

  • Do not remove any items of furniture from the room.
  • Remove any items that are mounted on walls i.e. Pictures, mirrors, light fixtures, but do not remove them from the room, as these need to be treated.
  • Loosen carpet around the perimeter of the room/s to be treated. Do not remove carpet from the room, unless instructed to do so.
  • Remove linen from the bed and ensemble base place in a plastic bag, do not remove the linen from the room.
  • Remove items from wardrobes and place in a plastic bag, do not remove from the room.
  • Do not remove any items of furniture from the room.
  • Loosen outlet and switch plate covers.


Peter & Paul's Pest Control Technicians will conduct a thorough inspection before any treatment is enacted. 

  • Our technician will ask you in which rooms that you have been bitten in and where you have seen live bed bugs.
  • It is important for our technician to ascertain how bedbugs were brought into your home.
  • If it is ascertained that they were bought in by luggage all luggage will need to be treated and areas where the luggage was stored, will need to be treated.
  • Areas where dirty clothes, used linen are stored will be examined and treated as necessary.
  • Have you tried to control the infestation yourself?
  • Our technician will treat all areas that bed bugs are located and harbourage areas in the room/s with an insecticide registered for use on bedbugs. 

After Treatment: 

Peter & Paul’s Pest Control  Technicians will conduct a thorough inspection. Infested rooms should not be slept in until the infestation is eliminated.  

  • All infested linen and clothing are to be laundered in hot water followed by a hot tumble drying. Water will need to be at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius to kill all stages including eggs. The tumble dryer will need to operate on the “hot” setting for 30 minutes for dry clothes and if clothes are wet they should be left in the dryer until completely dry. Do not return these items back into a room unless it has been cleared by your technician.  
  • Vacuum the room prior to our service technician attending to perform a follow-up inspection. Use a vacuum cleaner with a throwout bag and empty the vacuum cleaner on completion of vacuuming. 

Follow Up Inspections and Treatments: 

  • Our Technician will perform a follow-up inspection ten days after a treatment.
  • A follow-up treatment will be done as required after the inspection.  

Other Treatment Information:

Other products that can be used in conjunction with a chemical treatment are "Mattress Encasements". Which have had extensive laboratory testing and if used according to manufacturer’s instructions, bed bugs are unable to escape from the encasements.  

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