Pest Control- FAQ 

Q1. What types of pesticides do you use?

A1. Peter & Paul's Pest Control uses a range of quality pesticides, made by the world's leading chemical companies.    

Q2. Are the pesticides safe?

A2. Yes, providing they are used according to their label. All pest control products used in Australia are registered for use with the Australian Pesticides and Medicines Authority [APVMA]. The APVMA has the responsibility for protecting people, animals, crops, the environment, and trade.

Q3. How long does it take for the pesticide to kill cockroaches?

A3. Cockroaches that come in contact with the wet pesticide during the treatment will take minutes to die. When treating cockroaches, our Technician applies a barrier to the areas that cockroaches frequent. Any cockroaches that come in contact with the dry barrier [or residual] will take days to die.  

Q4.How long will it take to do a pest control treatment?     

A4. There isn't a set amount of time that it takes to do a treatment. They can range from half an hour to two hours depending on property size, how many bathrooms and kitchens the property has. Also, how much furniture the property has and what types of furniture, all have an impact on how long it will take.    

Q5. Is there anything else that I need to know about my treatment/s?

A5. Our Pest Control Technician leaves an Information/ Warranty Book with our clientele. This information booklet lets you how the products work and if you need to do any follow-up treatments. It will also let you know what your warranty period is for each pest that your property has been treated for. The warranty book also includes a treatment advice on pesticides used and their application area. Our website also gives information on ways that you can help, to reduce numbers of pests entering your home.      


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