There are over ninety thousand different species of insects in Australia, and around fifteen thousand belong to the ant kingdom. There are many different species of ants they nest and live both inside and outside dwellings becoming a nuisance in both environments. Ants are everywhere and one of the major pests that we treat, you can count on Peter & Pauls Pest Control to give you relief from ants.  

Why do I have ants in my kitchen?

Scavengers by nature foraging worker ants cause a nuisance as they travel widely in search of food. They are attracted to sweet or fatty substances in kitchens, pantries, and storerooms.    

Do I see ants because they are nesting inside my house? 

As there are many species of ants, they have different nesting habits and nest both inside and outside of dwellings.

Should I be concerned with ants being disease carriers? YES...

Ants may present a health risk as there are known instances of ants mechanically carrying, on their bodies and digestive tract, disease organisms causing dysentery, smallpox, and a variety of pathogenic bacteria including Salmonella. As ants scavenge far and wide their potential for spreading disease should not be overlooked.  They scavenge in areas such as kitchens, garbage bins and dog excrement these areas could potentially harbor disease organisms.    

Are there any other threats to me from ants? 

In addition to their disease-carrying health threat and nuisance aspects, some ants may bite and sting you. 

What treatments are available for ant control?

Home remedies to treat ants are rarely successful.Once ants become more prolific and annoying, many homeowners go into battle with them.


 Peter & Paul’s Technicians are trained in the anatomy and biology of pests and know where to find their nesting sites and which products will give control. Our Technicians do a thorough inspection and after consulting with the homeowner enact a treatment plan. 

What can I do to help reduce ants in my home?

As Ants are scavengers and are attracted to crumbs and food particles, it is always a good idea to improve sanitation and hygiene inside and around the home. It is a well-known fact that when ants are a nuisance you only have to leave a couple of crumbs on the bench and they are there for a feed. So it is important to remove food sources from surfaces such as benches, floors, tables, and chairs after a meal. Food utensils should be washed up as soon as possible after use. Remove food sources from outside by cleaning pet bowls after the pet has eaten and throw out old bones. When recycling always rinse out drink bottles and cans to remove food that will attract ants.  


Treatment Preparation

Homeowners should be aware that information is one of the keys to ant control. Peter and Paul’s Pest Control Technicians will consult with the homeowner about where and when the ants are a nuisance.  


Suppliers to the pest-control industry know ants are a pest manager’s most problematic pest insect; they know that ants are responsible for more call-backs and retreats than any other pest. That is why pest control suppliers have spent so much time and effort developing new products to control ants. Peter & Pauls Pest Control offer a wide variety of products to manage internal and external ant infestations. Our Technicians keep up with the latest products and knowledge on pest species which enables Peter & Paul's to tailor professional pest treatments for your home. With the opening of pest control branches in Innisfail, Port Douglas, Mossman and the Atherton Tablelands now all the far north can be serviced by Peter & Paul's.      

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