What could possibly be eating my precious photographs amongst other things?

Have you ever opened an old photo album with precious family photographs and found the shiny outer layer is gone? Have you ever taken a book out of your bookcase to read that it is falling apart? What about that beautiful silk blouse, cotton or linen dress that was perfect until you noticed the tiny little holes. All Cairns, Atherton Tablelands, Innisfail, Port Douglas and Mossman Homeowners should be on the lookout for this pest before it is too late and they destroy something that is precious to you. 

Why haven’t I seen Silverfish around the house like other pests?

Silverfish are nocturnal, fast-moving and they shun the light. They are found in dark, undisturbed areas throughout the home. They usually go unnoticed until the home occupant notices the damage that they have done. Any sources of glue, starch or sizing are likely to be attractive. 

What damage do Silverfish do?

Silverfish eat human food they also enjoy eating starched cotton, silk, linen, and certain synthetic fibres. They like their vegetables, paper, paste, cotton and glue the things that books are made from. They do not care if it is a pot-boiler or a limited edition they will eat the lot. 

What can I do to help reduce a silverfish infestation in my home?

Store books, papers, files, in light and airy conditions. Tight containment of foods in pantries and frequent cleaning of scraps and crumbs help to reduce food sources for silverfish. To avoid an infestation, it may help if you purchase second-hand books, check for silverfish before bringing the books into your home.

How do I get rid of Silverfish?

It is essential to address a Silverfish infestation quickly as the female silverfish lays eggs singularly or in small batches from two to twenty eggs per day [depending on the species]. To completely eradicate a silverfish infestation both eggs and adults must be eliminated. As home remedies are typically not successful in controlling this pest species, it is essential to call a professional pest manager to eradicate these destructive pests.

When treating for silverfish, Peter and Pauls Pest Control will tailor a customised silverfish treatment for your home.With the opening of Pest Control branches in Innisfail, Port Douglas, Mossman, and the Atherton Tablelands now all of the far north can be serviced by Peter & Paul's.    

Treatment preparation

Do not disturb anything in your cupboards until our technicians arrive; they will take care of the rest.


When our technician treats your home for silverfish, we treat all your windows, doors, skirting boards, wardrobes; we treat inside your ceiling, including your wall cavities.

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