Around the world, there are over sixty thousands species of spiders. They live anywhere from deserts to mountaintops to rainforests and of course, our homes.

In the far North

One of the spiders that Peter & Paul’s Pest Control is asked to treat in Cairns and the Tablelands is the Australian Huntsman, large, hairy and scary they are nocturnal, which is why we meet them wandering around the house at night. They have to drink, and this is why we mainly see them in the bathroom, kitchens and toilet areas of the house. They may even share that glass of water beside your bed.

Are you sick of spider webs on the inside or outside of your home?

Many Homeowners in Cairns and the Tablelands would prefer it if Spiders did not take up residence on the inside or the outside of their home. Some tiny spiders can spin some enormous webs, and some are beautiful, and others are just downright messy. However, I am sure we would all prefer it if they kept their web building to the very back corner of the next door neighbour’s yard. That way there would be no risk of walking through the web when putting out the garbage at night.

How to can I avoid being bitten by spiders?

  1. Always wear gloves when gardening
  2. Wear footwear when walking outside, particularly at night as this is when most ground-dwelling spiders are active.
  3. If excavations or landscaping has occurred nearby, be alert for disturbed ground-dwelling spiders which may enter buildings.
  4. Don’t leave toys, clothes and other articles on the ground especially overnight. Wandering spiders may use them as a temporary nesting site.
  5. Be alert for wandering ground-dwelling spiders after long periods of wet weather.
  6. Always check inside shoes and boots for spiders before putting your feet inside them, particularly if they have been stored outside.

Treatment preparation

The good news is none whatsoever, leave it all to our Pest Technicians.


Peter & Paul’s Pest Controls spider treatment is a direct destruction treatment.Our spider treatment comes with a warranty book that gives handy tips on how to keep your home spider-free.

Peter & Pauls also offer a high-pressure clean to the outside of your home with a unique solution that dissolves spider webs. Leaving your house not only web free but sparkling clean.


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Is that spider poisonous?

There are venomous spiders found Australia wide that can be fatal. Amongst the very toxic being the Sydney Funnelweb, Northern Rivers Funnelweb and Redback spider. However, many spiders can cause painful bites that are toxic but not fatal. Many other spiders are not poisonous and seldom bite.

More information on dangerous spiders




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